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This is has been described as the MOST memorable thing people have done during their time in Montana.  The trip is very limited due to, obviously, the weather & moon cycles.  The 3 best months are July, August & September.  We can run these trips in June but they are very much dependent on river flows.  This trip could/ will last until around midnight.  This trip will start around 5pm picking you up at your lodging.  We would take the short drive to launch and be on our float around 6 with drinks in hand.  We will float for a couple miles before landing at the dinner sight.  We will have various appetizers such as local smoked trout, maybe some venison thuringer, cheeses, etc..  Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the beauty while the guides prepare an amazing streamside meal.  We typically use local sourced food whenever possible.  We have several desert options using our dutch oven.  Or, grab a roasting stick to make one of our Missoula s'Mores.  Moonrise can range from just before dinner or shortly after.  The MOA guides will pack up the gear and rafts while you are dancing/ singing away by the fire.  The last half of the float will be under the moonlight.  As if the trip couldn't get any better, floating under the moonlight in western Montana will stick with you the rest of your life!  Wildlife comes out in abundance later in the evening and night.  Listen for Heron's, coyote's, and beavers slapping the water to let you know that this is their river!  The float ends from anywhere between 11-12pm depending on the groups desires.  We will get you back to your lodging with incredible memories and your cheeks hurting from using your smile muscles.

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