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Outdoor Adventures

We are outdoor enthusiasts from Missoula ready to share the wonder and beauty of Western Montana with those that want to join us. Our focus is various private non-whitewater float trips exclusive to just your group!  We believe the focus of the trip should be on the beauty of the experience with friends & family.  From evening floats with an incredible streamside prepared dinner, mid-day summer floats with a large family group, swimming and having squirt gun fights, to sightseeing trips to look for deer, eagles, beaver, osprey, blue heron, bear, & minx.  Our most popular floats are our full moon floats and they book fast!  These trips include a dinner cooked streamside, dancing around a campfire, watching the moon rise over the Rocky Mountains and a float out with nothing but the moonlight to guide us.


"I'm in love with Montana.  For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.  But with Montana it is love. And it's difficult to analyze love when you're in it."


Missoula Outdoor Adventure owners Dan & Kris found each other and Montana 27+ years ago.  Every free moment raising their family was spent in the pursuit of outdoor adventures.  Whether it be multi-day floats in the wilderness or full moon floats on the local rivers, we have immersed ourselves in this beautiful place called Montana.  Over the years we have backpacked to remote lakes, packed into numerous fire lookouts, rock climbed in the Bitterroot mountains, rode bikes over the pass in Glacier National Park, & mountain biked through huckleberry patches with bears, to name a few.

Our desire is to share some of these adventures with you.  These trips are dedicated to just your group.  You will not be with people you do not know!

Wedding party?  Just your family?  Friends in town for the weekend?  Passing through?  Just a float through town?  A more quiet float to see wildlife?  Epic water fight with your own group on several rafts?  Imagine it and we can do it!  Maybe just snacks?  A nice dinner on the river with a Bison steak?

Take a look at our various raft trip options or contact us for more information about a custom tailored adventure for you and your group!

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